Jake’s Official Guide to Cord Cutting

There I SAID IT!

I cord cut AND I refer to myself in third person on this blog.

Post were going to take a look my guide to cord cutting.

I have been a court cutter for the last 8 years if you can believe it.

Ever since my freshman year in college and they wanted to charge us a crap load of money to be able to have Direct TV in the dorm that I was.

Being somewhat tech savvy I decided that I was going to say no because I realize that we can get a lot of the shows online.

hehehe cord cutting

You Need a Good Internet Connection

First thing is first… You really need to get Internet connection. If you’re planning on doing a lot of streaming you must have a good Internet connection.

What is a good Internet connection? Well, it’s going to be anything above 20 Mbps. If you are not able to get it.hi than it is okay. You’re going to be able to function with anything above five as long as there are not a bunch of people on the connection.

The more people that are on the connection at once, the slower the Internet is typically going to be. So if you only have 5 Mbps and you have 4 people on the Internet all trying to stream things, the internet is going to be really slow because all of you are splitting between the 5 Mbps.

You can go and test your internet speed and speedtest.net.

Pretty Much Everything You’re Looking for Is Out There

Pretty much everything that you’re looking for whether did TV show or movie or something like that is going to be able to more or less be streamed online. You really just need to use Google so that you can go and find these particular sites.

Even if you were looking for some very of obscure episode you’ll want to head to Google and type in that particular episode. You might be surprised about what you find.

Streaming TV Shows

Streaming TV shows is incredibly easy. All you do go to google just type and watch TV show. Most of the shows are going to be available online for free depending upon what network they’re on.

Many of the major networks have online streaming capabilities where you were able to just go to that network’s website and access the show instantly.

If you missed a CBS show, go check cbs and see if it’s online.

If you missed a TNT show, go check tnt.com and see if it’s online.

Paid Options

Of course there’re some paid in premium options. This would be Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Streaming Sports

Even in the state age streaming sports isn’t that great. You’re going to be able to do it through websites like First Row Sports. However, the quality is going to be awful.

The only time that you’re going to be able to Stream sports in high definition is if you buy the sports packages from that particular sport that you’re trying watch. So if you wanted to watch major league baseball, then you would go by the major-league baseball package online in then be able to access all the games.

They have packages that are available for purchase online now for all the major sports. They’re kind of expensive however, it’s not like you get them for free if you’re on cable.

Not having to Watch it on the Computer

The best way is to just plug in your laptop or computer to the tv monitor through an HDMI cord. Some computers have used in my port where is others you will need to go out and buy adapter for it.

As for wireless options, Google Chromecast is an ok option because it’ll stream what’s on your computer straight your television. You really have to get Internet connection for this though. Otherwise it’s just not going to work well at all.

You’re Well on Your Way

If there’s one take away that you can get from this article is that you just need to use Google in order to find what you’re looking for. This is how you’re going to be able to cut the cord. I haven’t been paying for cable for years because everything that’s available on cable is available on the Internet to stream.