My First Tip to Managing Your Finances Living On Your Own

Managing your money can be incredibly difficult. In this post I hope to shed some light on how you can manage your money easier…And save yourself a few hundred bucks a long the way.

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You Need a Program

First thing is first… You need a program. You need somewhere in die you can go to to that is going to track all your finances each and every month.

There are some free programs and some paid programs.

The free programs you’re gonna have to enter in more data and do more work.

The paid programs you’re not gonna have to enter in near as much data because you can plug in your bank account to do most of the work for you.

Free Programs

Right now I am only suggesting Wave.

It is pretty good and has a nice interface. The big downfall is you’re gonna need to enter in your expenses and income manually.

You could also use microsoft excel.

I don’t really suggest this though, because there is a really big learning curve. With wave you’re going to be just go in there and understand how it works. Nonetheless if you’re interested in the Excel route, I suggest going on over to YouTube and checking out some videos.

Paid Programs

For $12.95 a month you can get Quick Books Online.

QBO is going to allow you to plug in your bank accounts and be able to manage it all from there.

This is nice because you’re not going to have to enter any information by yourself. It is just going to go into QBO automatically. This is a huge time saver if you have a lot of transactions or if you’re just not that good at accounting in general.

This is what I use and I’m really happy with it because I’m able to stay much more organized. And it saves me a lot of time. So for me because of all the time it saves me justifies paying the price monthly.

Stay Committed is Vital!

It’s really difficult to stay committed to keeping on top of your finances. Some people just don’t like looking at it in general whereas others is almost like homework.

However, if you want to have money in the end you’re going to want to look over your finances. It is always going to give you a good idea where you currently stand, as well as an area to diagnose where you could cut down on some spending.

Analyze Your Finances Monthly

Lastly, you need to analyze your finances monthly. This means hopping into your accounting program in breaking down the expenses and income.

I really like to break down the expenses each month in look for things that I could save money on. For example, in one particular month I went on a little bit of a binge at Starbucks.

When I reviewed the numbers at the end of the month I realize I was drinking way too much Starbucks and that I could save $50 by going only half as much as I did that month.

So of course come in the next month I just didn’t go to Starbucks years mother was able to save $50. If I had not had my financials plugged into an accounting program with the ability to break down the expenses, I’d probably still be going to Starbucks every single day BECAUSE IT’S AN ADDICTION MAAAAN!